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3-Act Math


Mathalicious –
Yummy Math –
Mathalicious Unit Plans –
Interactive Math Lessons? YES!  Teacher.Desmos.Com
Cool Math Projects –
Transformations from Jed Butler –
Gifsmos from Chris Lusto –
Database of Math Activies in Desmos –
Database of Activity-based Learning –
Kaplinsky’s CC-Lesson search engine –
MTBoS Blog Search Engine:
Geogebra creations from Dr. Ted Coe –
TMathC –


Tech Integration

The Best Online Graphing Calculator –
Tons Of Free Mathematical Models –
Download YouTube Videos –
Customizable Link Shortener –
List of Twitter Chats –
Creative Commons Music –
Free High-Quality Images: Stock Exchange – (
Free Creative Commons Images –
MORE Free Creative Commons Images –
MORE Free Creative Commons Images –
Random Name Generator –
Fill Space With Random Sweet Text – Cupcake Ipsum
Custom Graph Creator –

Musical Cues

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