The Menu


Brought to you from all over the world, these servings are just right to start off your class with a solid discussion and thought-provoking ideas built around the Common Core State Standards.  Dabble into one, two, or a variety of these creations from math teachers.


You can still remember your favorite meal, whatever it may be.  During this portion of the training, we reflect on our most successful lessons that kept kids asking for seconds!

Side Dishes

Even with the best meals, the side dishes can make or break a strong effort.  Here is where we discuss how technology, music cues, costumes, and “going big” can make the difference between a vanilla lesson and one that lights up the students’ palettes for deeper mathematical understanding.


Oftentimes, we judge a restaurant on the way that they present their desserts.  At this point in the day, teachers will experience and discuss solid formative and summative assessment options that are, you guessed it, sweet!

Take-Out Menu

When we go to our favorite restaurants, there is simply too much good stuff to enjoy the first time around.  With all of our trainings, we offer a comprehensive list of all sites that we draw inspiration from and many others that we just didn’t have time to get to.  This is in the form of a handout, so we encourage teachers to make copies and share freely with their colleagues.  After all, we only get better if others keep doing great things in their classrooms.  Thank you for the inspiration!